What is Propel Orthodontics?

Benefits of Using Propel

  • Avoid refinement stages
  • Avoid mid-course correction
  • Expedite treatment results
  • Reduce chair time
  • Reduce aligner lag
"Propel was very easy, painless and super quick. I would recommend Propel to anyone who wants a perfect smile in less time."

Kate M., Propel orthodontic patient

Propel Orthodontics

Adults seeking orthodontics have several reasons for treatment: malocclusion (or crooked teeth), to improve ones’ smile and to stop periodontal diseases from progressing, to list a few. Once a patient has committed to orthodontic treatment, the next step is to determine candidacy for the clear aligners therapy and the length of time for treatment to complete. On average, aligners are worn for 22 hours every day for 2 weeks to achieve the prescribed movements, before the patient is transitioned into the next set of aligners. This cycle continues for 11 months, on average. Fast forward 11 months when another set of aligners are fabricated for a second round of treatment, known as a refinement. This is when the final prescribed movements occur to reach maximum results. This means that the average patient would be in orthodontics treatment for almost 2 years. However, Propel Orthodontics has created a system which fast-tracks orthodontic treatment and does not require a refinement.

Propel Orthodontics has patients wearing aligners for 22 hours a day, yet aligners are changed every 7-10 days, verses the traditional 2 weeks. A case study of conservative alignment movement from Journal of the American Orthodontic Society, demonstrated how dramatic the results were. A 42 year old woman was estimated to be in treatment for 15 months with 24 aligners and an additional 3 months of refinement. Yet, utilizing Propels’ method, her actual treatment time was cut down to only 9 months and she did not require a refinement.

Propel addresses one major issue in adult orthodontics - the fact that there is no growth or development; the tissue in adults are less biologically active and adaptive. As a result, tooth movement in adults may not only be more uncomfortable but more importantly is there is a slower rate of movement. Propel works with the body’s natural ability to remodel the bone by activating and accelerating the bone regeneration to maximal orthodontic levels. Propel has proven a significant decrease in case time and improved patients’ quality of life, making orthodontics an easier choice for patients. Propel is a new and exciting advancement in orthodontics; by offering this treatment option there are infinite positive possibilities for patients.

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