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  • "When I went to see Dr. Kim 9 months ago, my dental structure was on the verge of total collapse. I am 83 this year. Dr. Kim immediately took 3 steps – panoramic film, oral/facial image and diagnostic casts – to study the condition. After the study he concluded that my entire dental framework had to be overhauled to restore front teeth and fit in 2 partial dentures on a disease free foundation. He undertook massive restorative procedures that involved 7 extractions, 1 root canal, 6 crown- buildups, 11 porcelain-crown works to make bridges and a few more auxiliary details.

    The result is absolutely stunning. I now have beautifully restored front teeth with well fitting partial-dentures supporting them. Thank you Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim is a multitasking dentist whom I truly believe to be a jewel in the world of dental practice. He is deeply verse in the knowledge of dentistry, is an artist in dental technique and unrelenting perfectionist. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Dental School and also has a numerous certificates in specialized areas of dentistry. His office is equipped with a state-of-the-art-technology.

    To top it all, he is a good man, very gracious and humane. He is surrounded by a team of friendly, helpful and hard working assistants."

    Younghi Choe
  • "I wanted to take this moment to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service that Dr. Kim and his staff have provided me over the last two years as we took the journey of completing my full-mouth reconstruction.

    Entering Ballston Dental Arts was a quick decision one day when I was out for lunch. I had been concerned with the state of my lower tooth that was so loose I feared it could fall out at any time. I had been working with another dentist over the previous six months but I had become frustrated with the lack of progress and was looking for a real answer to what was happening to me and how to correct it.

    I now believe the other dentist was afraid to tell me exactly how severe my dental situation was. After a very detailed examination, Dr. Kim provided me with what I had been desperately seeking; he was honest and straightforward with me. In what I now know to be his calm and compassionate tone, he explained that I had significant bone loss and several teeth were so damaged that they required immediate extraction. When the immediate situation was resolved, Dr. Kim scheduled an office visit with me and again took the time to explain to me exactly what he had diagnosed and gave me a range of corrective actions as well as the pro's and con's of each procedure.

    Armed with the information I needed to make a decision on the path I wanted to take, based on my age and my desire not to have removal dentures, I decided a full-extraction and implants were appropriate for me. From the day I made that decision until today, the one thing I know for sure, is that Dr. Kim was as invested in and just as committed to a successful conclusion as I was. He never once cut a corner, his attention to detail and shear passion for getting it right was a constant comfort to me.

    While there were many times during each phase of extractions, implant replacements, temporary fittings, and final installations that I wanted it all to just be over. I never doubted that I was getting the best possible care and my faith was fully realized with the outstanding final product. Dr. Kim's dedication to his craft has turned his practice into a true center of excellence.

    And that excellence is also displayed in the team he surrounds himself with. I want to make a special mention of Dr. Kim's team member Tasha, who was a constant source of comfort and professionalism at each and every one of my many visits over the years. She always remembered my blanket that both kept me warm and secure, that simple act of kindness represents the thoughtfulness of the entire staff. Tasha is a true gift to the Ballston Dental Arts practice.

    I can not express how grateful I am, I feel that writing this testimonial does not fully represent how extraordinarily well and relatively painless this journey has been. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Kim and his practice to anyone that will listen.

    To the entire team at Ballston Dental Arts, I sincerely and honestly thank you."

    Cheryl Pepper
  • "When Dr. Kim asked if I would be willing to write a testimony, I said I’d be delighted. As a result of his work, I could easily be the next poster-child to advertise the “Wonders of Modern Dentistry” if I didn’t mind people seeing both the before and after shots of my teeth. Which I do—they were that bad. My previous experiences at the dentist were awful. From my first set of braces at age eleven to several orthodontists later, I thought there was no hope left for me and my smile. Finally, after 14 years of procrastination, I made an appointment with Dr. Kim. By this point, I'd become a master of the close-lipped smile in photos as I was constantly self-conscious every time I laughed. Dr. Kim assessed my situation and made immediate recommendations: orthodontia and then porcelain crowns. "But braces hurt! The ugly wires! The pokey things!" I whined. Dr. Kim calmed me by explaining, "We can use Invisalign. Your friends won't even know you're wearing them. They're much more comfortable than braces." "But the expense!" I hemmed and hawed, researched and argued. He patiently explained his recommendations. Nothing was a superfluous expense. Everything was carefully thought out regarding my needs and treatment goals. I finally admitted it was worth the investment for the appearance and log-term health of my teeth. Less than two years from the time we began, we’re finished. Invisalign is comparatively painless, almost invisible, and works amazingly quickly. The crowns will prevent any further damage to my teeth and look fantastic. Dr. Kim approached his work from the point of view of a dentist, an orthodontist, and an artist, and made every treatment decision with my full collaboration.

    So now I only have two regrets: that I waited as long as I did, and that I had to endure the orthodontic technology of the 80’s. No help for either!"

    Jennifer Cabiness
  • “I love my teeth -- thanks, Dr. Kim!” I’ve always hated my teeth! I had so many cavities when I was a child, so many fillings, so many unpleasant visits to the dentist. By college, my teeth hurt so much and I had so little money as a married student that the dentist I saw offered two choices: stainless steel crowns or pulling all my teeth! I opted for the crowns and some of them lasted over 30 years. However, while they bought me time, they were unattractive and did not protect my teeth. I clenched my teeth so badly at night that sometimes it took me a minute of concentration to loosen my jaws. Dentists never brought a whole lot of relief until Dr. Kim! We started with major deep cleaning, which was painless, thanks to Dr. Kim's skillful hygienists. Then, I opted for a full mouth restoration to correct my weak bite. The whole process went amazingly well. I know part of it was the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Even more, though, were the skill, thoughtfulness and professionalism of Dr. Kim and his assistants. My comfort and safety were always considered. Now I love my teeth! Even people who did not know me before the restorations, tell me they are beautiful! But these were not just dental cosmetic procedures – my entire mouth feels great. This is honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself - EVER!"

    Jane Rutherford
  • "Dear Doctor Kim,

    Nearly my entire life, my natural smile was not an attractive smile – over the years my teeth became chipped and discolored from drinking tea and coffee. Worst of all, I noticed that I unconsciously hid my smile and did not take care of my teeth. During the past year, my wife encouraged me to see you about having my teeth corrected with veneers. I have deliberately avoided having my teeth corrected with veneers since I thought they did not look natural – too white and noticeably unnatural. After seeing you and having my teeth whitened and corrected with veneers, I now see how wrong I actually was. I wish to thank you for your professionalism and artistic ability in making my smile look as natural as it did when I was a young boy. Now, the only thing apparent to me is my smile appears naturally bright-white and better than it did before the years of neglect. I now smile with a renewed confidence and I nearly always and deliberately brush after each meal and care for my natural smile better than I ever have. Thank you."

    M. J. Velasco
  • "Dear Patients Of Dr. Kim:

    Being accident- and cavity-prone as a child, I “lived” at my dentist’s. By the age of ten, I already had four root canals, about a dozen cavities, and three crowns, and received humiliating reminders of my horrible teeth and guilt trips for not taking care of them. I learned to smile with my mouth closed, and eventually stopped going to the dentist. I first came to Ballston Dental Arts about two years ago. I had broken my front tooth for the second time, and made the decision to finally find a good cosmetic dentist. The minute I walked into Dr. Kim’s practice, an experience drastically different than those in the past began. My reception was warm and welcoming. Dr. Kim impressed me with not only his professionalism, knowledge, and skills, but that he cared for his patients like family. We discussed a treatment plan, and my questions were answered with patience. My biggest surprise? After my first major appointment, Dr. Kim called himself to make sure that I was feeling alright. He gave me his cell and home phone numbers in case I needed to contact him. Definitely a pleasant surprise; a first. Dr. Kim never once lectured or made me feel guilty, and he would always say, “When patients love their teeth, they take better care of them.” And he is absolutely right. Dr. Kim helped me to love my teeth and allowed me to start to really smile again. And most importantly, thanks to Dr. Kim, now I will have a beautiful white smile to go with my beautiful white gown on my wedding day! Most sincerely, A very happy, smiling patient."

    Catherine Chen
  • “You have a beautiful smile!” “You have nice teeth!” These are compliments I have received since Dr. Kim performed a full-mouth restoration for me. During the years, I have had several root canals, crowns, and bridges. About seven years ago I walked into Dr. Kim’s office for a consultation. Dr. Kim recommended a full-mouth restoration of which he explained the details to restore a natural and bright smile. I consented; and in a few weeks I had a “celebrity” smile.Dr. Kim and his team are remarkably talented in their work. A great deal of care and perfection went into every detail of my restoration. That same care and perfection continues into keeping my teeth and gums healthy. I continue to visit Dr. Kim and his team for my routine dental hygiene care.I commend Dr. Kim for this superlative artistry in cosmetic dentistry, I thank his dental hygienists for keeping my teeth and gums in the best condition; and I have an enormous appreciation for the office team that always accommodates me, the patient. Thank you, Dr. Kim and Team from the bottom of my heart for my perfect smile."

    Barbara Janitis
  • "A Letterman top ten list of “Why Dr. Kim is the best dentist in the whole world!” would be a great way to get my point across. It could include things like: Number Ten: An office suite that feels more like a plush spa, not a sterile cold dentist’s office. Number Nine: An office team and dental assistants, who are so lovely and kind that you will want them for your best friends. Number Eight: State of the Art equipment that will amaze and instruct you. Number Seven: Dr. Kim, himself! His smile resonates from a place deep inside his soul. His entire being glows with warmth and care. You will love him! He will put you at ease. …You get the idea. But what I really want to tell you about is what Dr. Kim and his team did for my husband, Ken. Ken lost several teeth in an accident. In addition, he had serious gum disease and bone loss due to years of a damaging medication. His mouth was painful, unhealthy and unattractive. It was a source of concern and embarrassment for both of us. The real problem, however, was that Ken was just a big baby when it came to going to the dentist. His phobia was truly off the charts. I made the initial appointment and forced him to go, though I am not sure how. Dr. Kim and his team took it from there--- and the rest is a miracle! Every visit got easier and easier for Ken. Soon he looked forward to his time with the team, who cared for him like a family member. He enjoyed and appreciated Dr. Kim, who was transforming not only Ken’s appearance but his personality. Once a dental plan was in place, the office manager sat down with Ken and helped him put together financing that was not only easy but reasonable. At last veneers, caps and implants were underway! In time, I had a new husband, sexier than the day I met him thirty years ago. We went dancing to celebrate, (something I can’t remember our ever doing). He got a promotion and ultimately a new job. He manages people who say that he is a great motivator because he smiles so much and is so funny! Recently we got pictures back from the developers. In the old days, Ken wouldn’t even bother to be in them. When he saw the pictures laying on the counter he enthusiastically grabbed them and questioned, “How does my smile look?” Ken’s new-found CONFIDENCE has so greatly enhanced the quality of our lives. That confidence is a direct result of Dr. Kim’s superior work. Send someone you care about to Dr. Kim. It will put a smile on both of your faces!"

    Lucy and Ken
  • "When I first met Dr. Kim, I explained that I had two goals. First, as an active military reservist who might be called to active duty at a moment’s notice, I needed to ensure that my dental health was in top shape. Second, I explained that I had a bridge that was thirty years old and while structurally sound it had become unsightly due to repairs. I had reached a point where I was self conscious about my smile. You quickly got my dental status to top condition and over the course of several months restored my smile to one I am now proud to share with others. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can offer regarding your work comes from two other dentists. While in the U.S. Naval Reserve I underwent two dental examinations. These dentists were also military reservists with successful practices in the Washington D.C. area. At the end of the first examination, the dentist asked me the name of my dentist and commented that the work was excellent. During the second exam two years later, I again was asked the name of the dentist that did my restorative work. I gave him your name and asked why he was inquiring. He replied. “On a good day, I look at a great deal of ‘Chevrolet’ work. When I look at the work that was done for you, I see a ‘Cadillac’.” The quality of patient care I have received from you and your team does not take a backseat to quality of the work. Thank you for everything; the courtesy and warmth, the quality of work, and for taking time to see “the person” not just the patient."

    Gary Peacock
  • "My first visit to Dr. Kim's office happened unexpectedly; while throwing around a baseball with some friends last spring, I was hit, badly fracturing one of my front teeth. Dr. Kim saw me right away and in just minutes did bonding that looked and functioned quite normally. From that point it was clear that he knew what he was doing. Dr. Kim helped me turn this event into an opportunity to make major improvements to my smile and overall dental health. We put together a plan involving whitening, a crown for the broken tooth, and three porcelain veneers to improve my front teeth's alignment, size, and shape. Being new to all this, I asked Dr. Kim and his kind team many questions, and everyone helped make me comfortable with the procedures. In three visits we did everything and the improvement is tremendous, while still looking very natural. My advice is to talk with Dr. Kim if you have any teeth that just don't "seem quite right." The boost in confidence you get will be well worth it."

    Nathan Lange
  • "A couple of years ago, I noticed that my teeth appeared a little stained and crooked. Later, my front teeth begin to chip. But still, my former dentist said my teeth were in excellent condition. However, my teeth began to look so bad that for the first time, I lost my smile. No matter what I did, my teeth continued to deteriorate. I was very frustrated because I take great pride in taking care of my teeth. I routinely brushed, flossed and rinsed after every meal. After much frustration, I begin to look for another dentist. As fate would have it, I found Dr. Kim. Upon my first visit with Dr. Kim and his wonderful team, I was very impressed with their hospitality, courtesy and professionalism. During the first visit, Dr. Kim promised to give me back my smile. All of the restoration procedures performed by Dr. Kim and the deep dental cleansings performed by his hygienist were painless. In fact, I looked forward to my visits because I could see my smile was getting brighter and brighter after each visit. In just a few short months, Dr. Kim has completely restored my smile. It’s even brighter than it was as a shy little kid. I feel as though I received two procedures in one - a smile restoration and a face lift, which has made me look and feel much younger. Dr. Kim has more than met my expectations - he exceeded."

    Deborah Law
  • "As an actor, I have been taught that the audition starts the minute you walk into the room. Your confidence, spirit, and professionalism are just as important as your performance. This first impression is as true in the theater as it is in the boardroom, the courtroom, at a sales meeting or a professional conference. Nothing exudes inner confidence like a beautiful, natural smile. I was self-conscious about the uneven wear of my front teeth caused by years of grinding. My whitening treatment and porcelain veneers have given me a beautiful new smile and the confidence to show it off-- especially for my actor headshot photo which is one of my prime opportunities to make a positive first impression. The restoration procedures were quick and painless, even for a scaredy-cat like me. Dr. Kim and his team are extraordinary. They always make me feel comfortable and welcome. My advice is to forget cosmetic SURGERY and opt for cosmetic DENTISTRY. It takes at least 10 years off your appearance. I am thrilled with my new smile."

    Deborah Critzer
  • "I've endured my share of bad dental and medical experiences, rude receptionists, and insurance hassles ... but never in Dr. Kim's office. Ballston Dental Arts is the perfect blend of old-fashioned courtesy and state-of-the-art technology. The staff is always friendly and accommodating, yet professional and efficient. Dr. Kim uses up-to-date techniques and equipment, but he never forgets about patient comfort. He is willing to take as much time as necessary to explain options and procedures, and I always feel he considers me a partner in any treatment decisions. I respect him very much but, more importantly, I feel he respects me. Perhaps all I really need to say is that I've been Dr. Kim's patient for over 20 years."

    Margaret Gray

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