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Dental Upgrades: Oral Emergency Care

Accidents can happen in several different ways, but not matter how they happen, you should always have an effective treatment plan in place should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Your treatment plan could include helping to treat any oral accidents and injuries before receiving the professional care you need. To help you set up your plan for emergency dental care, we have provided a list of commonly questions associated about what counts as a dental emergency and how you can care for your smile until you can visit with our dentist.

What is an oral emergency?

An oral emergency is a condition in which you have suffered immediate dental damage that requires the help of a trained professional.

How can fast-acting care help prevent further damage that is linked to an oral accident or injury?

If the appropriate treatment is given fast enough, you can greatly decrease your recovery time and perhaps even the amount of treatment you need to repair your smile.

What are some of the most common types of oral emergencies?

Some common forms of oral emergencies include a lost dental filling or crown, objects caught between teeth, chipped or broken teeth, or knocked-out teeth. As with all oral emergencies, it is important to stay calm and not do anything drastic. Make sure you are using the right tools to care for your teeth, and avoid using any products that can easily make the situation worse. Furthermore, it’s important to visit our dentist as soon as possible. If the damage is extensive, or if there are injuries to the head or other parts of the body, go to the nearest hospital or urgent care center.

If you require treatment for a damaged smile, contact Ballston Dental Arts at (703) 291-3111 right away so that our team can get you in to see Dr. Duke Kim. We will do our best to provide you with any necessary emergency dental care in Arlington VA.

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