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Why Consider Dentures?

Living with missing teeth can impact your dental health, your facial appearance, your dental function, and your self-esteem. But dentures are available to help you reclaim all of those qualities and improve your daily life. A denture is a dental appliance that attaches a set of replacement teeth to a secure permanent dental implant or a removable, sturdy frame. And, a denture is a wise investment because it can last for numerous years and save you from the many problems caused by missing teeth.

Will You Have a Choice of Different Dentures?

Yes, there is a wide selection available today. To find out which type is right for you, our dentist will first need to examine your mouth to understand your dental condition. Then, together you will decide on a denture that suits your health, financial, and personal needs. The most common varieties include those listed below.

What Are Full Dentures?

This type of denture is ideal if you need to replace either most or all of your upper or lower jaw. You have the option of getting a fixed full denture that is held in place by dental implants or a removable full denture that simply lays on top of your gums. To get a full denture, any existing teeth you have first need to be extracted. Then, you receive a temporary denture to wear over the few weeks that your gums need to heal. You need to return to our practice once you’ve completely healed to be fit for your permanent denture.

How Do Partial Dentures Differ?

You should select these dentures if you only need to replace one or a few lost teeth but still want to retain all of your healthy surrounding teeth. This denture may at first resemble a dental bridge, but rather than having the permanence of a bridge, it merely relies on a set of clasps that go over the adjacent teeth. These clasps allow it to be easily taken out for cleaning every night.

What Are the Advantages of Flexible Partial Dentures?

Since the base and clasps of this denture are made from a pliable, light material instead of the piercing acrylic used for a traditional denture, it’s much more comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s lightweight material is the same shade as your gums, so it’s clasps are much less noticeable than the metal clasps typically seen in a denture. If you want enhanced comfort and discretion, you should consider this denture option.

Why Select Implant-Supported Dentures?

This kind of denture relies on two or four dental implants for complete stability, rather than just resting on your gums like a traditional denture. An implant-supported denture is most often used to replace lower teeth since they demand more security than the teeth on top. Even though this denture stays securely in your mouth by day, you need to take it out every evening for a complete cleaning.

Why Would You Want All-on-Four Dentures?

If you want the ease of a fixed denture and stronger biting ability, this may be the denture for you. It uses an advanced placement method where only four dental implants are needed to permanently hold a full set of replacement teeth. Ask your dentist to see if this could be an option for you.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dentures?

While the process varies by the type of denture you choose and your overall dental health, it usually begins by having the dentist cast impressions of your teeth and measure your entire mouth in order to craft your brand new denture. Immediately afterward, any damaged teeth are removed and you are provided with a temporary denture while you wait a few weeks for your new denture to be made. The process changes slightly if you opt for an implant-supported denture and you will simply have your implants embedded at this stage instead. Our staff will contact you when your new implant is ready so you can return to the office to have your denture fitted.

Can I Get Affordable Quality Dentures?

Absolutely. It’s important to realize that many factors affect what dentures cost, such as the denture selected, the cost of the materials, and any preliminary dental work needed. If you are worried about costs, our dentists can guide you toward the denture that suits your dental needs and finances. To arrange a consultation for affordable dentures in Arlington, please call our practice today.

Why Select a Soft Denture Reline?

A denture typically has a firm acrylic lining that can cause soreness and irritation. To avoid this discomfort, you can select a soft reline which is made of a much softer and more limber material that can stay lithe for several years. A soft reline can save you from the distress of denture pain.

You no longer have to live with the shame, discomfort, or health problems caused by missing teeth. We can provide you with affordable quality dentures, no matter your needs or budget. Call our office today to learn more about how dentures can improve your quality of life.

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