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What Is the Invisalign System?

During Invisalign treatment, a series of custom-made, nearly invisible aligners are worn over your teeth. The aligner trays work very similar to traditional braces by gently moving your teeth into place over time. About every two weeks, you’ll receive new aligner trays to help move your teeth into their ideal positions.

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Seeing is believing. Thanks to some powerful technology, we can simulate the outcome of your personal transformation in seconds. SmileView simulates your new smile! Take a smiling selfie and we’ll show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you. Must be connected to WiFi or have strong cellular connection for simulator to work.

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What Does Invisalign Cost?

Although total costs will be different for each patient, Invisalign is an affordable treatment option that costs about the same as traditional braces. In general, the Invisalign cost is determined by how long treatment lasts and the level of correction required to straighten your teeth. When you come in for your appointment, your dentist can provide more information about the total cost. Flexible payment options and low-interest financing options may also be available. Contact us for more information.

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Straighten Teeth?

Total treatment time varies depending on the unique needs of each patient. Extensive corrections will take longer compared to minor alignment issues. The average Invisalign treatment time for adults is approximately 12-18 months. Treatment time is more likely to vary for teenagers. Wearing Invisalign retainers is recommended to maintain your results.

Visualize a better smile with Invisalign

Our office uses digital impressions. We’ll take a 3-D scan of your smile with our state of the art iTero scanner to show you what your teeth will look like at each stage of treatment.
iTero Scanner

Where Can I Find Invisalign Dentists?

Only a licensed orthodontist or general dentist who has received specialized training can provide treatment with Invisalign aligner trays. Invisalign dentists have the experience needed to help you achieve beautiful, straight teeth in the shortest amount of time possible.

What Are the Main Differences When Considering Invisalign vs Braces?

When you’re trying to decide between Invisalign vs braces appearance is important, but effective treatment is an even stronger deciding factor. The aligner tray system is effective at correcting your smile if you have mild-to-moderate orthodontic issues, such as crooked teeth or malocclusion. For extensive orthodontic issues, traditional braces are a faster, more effective treatment option. Our experienced dentists are qualified to help you make the right treatment decision. Contact our office today for an appointment.

How Can I Benefit From Invisalign?

For many patients, Invisalign has definite advantages over metal braces. Consider the following benefits of clear aligner trays:

  • Eat and drink whatever you want without any restrictions.
  • Easier to care for compared to traditional braces.
  • You can remove your aligners at any time.
  • Less irritation to your teeth and gums.
  • Fewer visits to our dental office; approximately every four to six weeks.
  • Nearly invisible aligners help you feel more confident.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular treatment, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Children aren’t ideal candidates for Invisalign because their mouths are still in the developing stages. You also may not be a candidate for Invisalign if you have severe spacing, crowding, or alignment issues. Our Invisalign dentists can help determine if Invisalign is right for you. Call our office today to make an appointment.

Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

Many dental insurance plans will cover some of your Invisalign cost. To learn more about the extent of your Invisalign insurance, we encourage you to contact our dental practice or your insurance provider.

How Does Invisalign Affect Everyday Life?

Treatment with Invisalign won’t significantly change your lifestyle. Since the aligners are removed before every meal, there aren’t any restrictions on what you can eat and drink. Chewing tobacco or smoking can stain the trays, and you should also avoid chewing gum while wearing the aligners. The trays are easily cleaned with the manufacturer’s cleaning system, which you can get at our office. Alternatively, you can also brush your trays with toothpaste and rinse them with warm water. To make sure you achieve the desired results from Invisalign in Arlington, we recommend wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day.

Will I Have to Wear a Retainer After My Braces Are Removed?

We recommend that patients wear a retainer at least at night for several years after finishing a braces treatment. This will prevent the teeth from shifting out of place.

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