Dental restorations can range from a simple bonding procedure to very complex full mouth restorations. Dr. Duke Kim and his experienced team at Ballston Dental Arts will give you the finest restorations possible. When you require a crown restoration to repair broken or damaged teeth, Dr. Duke Kim can custom-make your crown restoration in just one visit by using CEREC technology in Arlington, Virginia. We want to help you achieve the healthy smile you have always dreamed about, and with CEREC, we can do just that in a short amount of time.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Restorations

Dr. Duke Kim advocates using all of the advancements in dental technology, including CEREC same day restorations. There are many advantages of using CEREC restorations over traditional crowns:

• CEREC restorations are milled right here in the office and placed in one single visit, requiring less time away from the office and family.
• CEREC restorations do not require a temporary restoration.
• CEREC restorations are made of strong, tooth colored ceramic that mimics the characteristics of your natural tooth structure.
• CEREC restorations are much stronger and more durable than traditional crowns that are made using the layering and pressing method of fabricating a crown.
• CEREC restorations eliminate the potential for an allergic reaction that can sometimes occur with traditional crowns made with metal.

To learn more about CEREC restorations in Arlington, Virginia, we invite you to contact us today at 703-664-1969. Our team of dental professionals will answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment with Dr. Duke Kim to determine if you are a candidate for CEREC restorations.