Dr. Duke Kim’s reputation as an artistic dentist is defined within every patient’s smile. His artistic talent is one of the reasons he is considered one of NOVA’s Top Cosmetic Dentists in Arlington, Virginia.

At Ballston Dental Arts, dentistry never looks like dentistry- results created by Dr. Duke Kim are natural and aesthetically pleasing. Our dentistry often goes un-noticed and that is what we want. We never want anyone to look like they have had dental treatment.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation can include a number of treatment options and steps to restore you to optimal oral health. Dr. Duke Kim will provide completely honest, informative, and personalized care during your entire dental rehabilitation process. At Ballston Dental Arts, you will know you are truly cared for.

Full mouth rehabilitation can restore your smile if it has been severely injured, damaged, or decayed. Full mouth rehabilitation often involves restoring many or all of the teeth in the mouth. Dr. Duke Kim will determine which of our high-quality treatment options will suit your specific needs.

Why Choose Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The goal of full mouth rehabilitation is to restore the health, function, and appearance of your smile. Dr. Duke Kim’s extensive experience in rehabilitative dentistry will help you achieve a healthier, more attractive smile that can last a lifetime.
You may benefit from full mouth rehabilitation with Dr. Duke Kim if your smile is affected by any of the following dental problems:

• Chipped or broken teeth
• Cracked or fractured teeth
• Tooth decay
• Periodontal disease (gum disease)
• One or more missing teeth
• Infection
• Dental injury or trauma

To learn more about full mouth rehabilitation in Arlington, Virginia, we invite you to contact us today at 703-664-1969. Our team of dental professionals will answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment with Dr. Duke Kim to discuss how full mouth rehabilitation dental treatment can restore your overall oral health.