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One of the most dreaded questions we ask our patients is if they are flossing regularly. Some patients tell us that they occasionally floss, or they floss when they can, but the best thing you can do to support your oral health is flossing every day as part of your daily routine.

Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim, is happy to help you with your teeth. Along with him our team at Ballston Dental Arts in Arlington, Virginia, want to make sure that you are prepared for your next visit with us.

Flossing should be part of your daily schedule. While there is some debate about when is best to floss your teeth, it is better to have a daily routine and make sure that you are flossing daily, rather than worrying about the most ideal time to floss.

When you start flossing, you might feel some discomfort. This is normal. For the first week or two of starting your healthy flossing routine it is expected to feel some discomfort, just make sure that you are not flossing too hard and causing damage to your gums. If the discomfort lasts for more than two weeks, or the temporary discomfort turns into pain, come in and see us immediately.

If you need to schedule an appointment with us, call us at 703-664-1969. We look forward to helping you and making you comfortable when we ask if you’ve been flossing.