Want a Beautiful Smile for Valentine’s Day? Here’s What to Do

If you want a stunning smile for Valentine’s Day, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim, is happy to help you achieve the goals you desire. Fortunately, he offers many cosmetic dental treatments that can turn your unattractive teeth and gums into a smile... Read more »

Tips for Dental Trauma First-Aid

Significant dental trauma, whether from a sports injury or household accident, can impact the mouth and cause significant pain, bleeding, and other complications. In a scenario such as this, you will likely need to apply some basic oral first-aid while seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Duke Kim.... Read more »

Chewing Gum for a Healthy Smile in 2018

You brush twice a day and floss once a day. What else can you do to take care of your smile? Chew gum! Sugarless gum, that is. But how does this help your smile? To understand how chewing gum can help, we must understand some basic things about the mouth... Read more »

A Basic Dental Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Minor Dental Fracture

Your teeth are intended to have the durability to handle chewing common foods. Yet as hard as your teeth are, there are still times when tooth enamel can be chipped or fractured. Minor dental fractures are sometimes associated with a bad oral habit, such as using your teeth as improvised... Read more »

What is a Night Guard?

If you’re interested in knowing all about night guards in Arlington, Virginia, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim, is happy to tell you all about night guards so you can use them properly and understand them more. Night guards are reliable appliances that... Read more »

Pick Up These Good Tooth Brushing Habits if You Want a Successful Oral Health

Having a good brushing technique is more than just brushing your chompers back and forth until you get tired of scrubbing. In fact, there are habits you can pick up that can help you have the most effective brushing routine possible. Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim, is more than happy... Read more »

A Water Flosser Can Help Your Teeth and Gums Fight Plaque

It is recommended by the American Dental Association that cleaning one's teeth and gums daily help prevent cavities and gum disease. Cleaning your pearly whites with a toothbrush is effective at removing oral debris and dental plaque but it isn't ideally suited to clean between the teeth and around the... Read more »

Advancements in Oral Cancer Detection

Dr. Duke Kim offers his Arlington, VA dental patients the latest advancement in oral cancer detection, the Velscope® Technology. This diagnostic tool is simple, painless, and is an instrumental aide when diagnosing oral health problems, including cancer. Dr. Duke Kim, a respected Virginia dentist, is inviting patients to experience the... Read more »

The Basics of a Healthy Smile

Basic oral hygiene, while not complicated, does require some time and commitment. Brushing and flossing your teeth, along with regular visits to your dentist are key in maintaining a healthy smile. To brush your teeth effectively, you need to spend at least two minutes in the morning and evening. Hold... Read more »

The Invisalign® System

Braces have been seen as a rite of passage for children and teenagers. For years, a mouth full of metal was considered standard-issue for young people, but now, more adults are straightening their teeth. While a better-aligned smile may be the goal, many adults, and for that matter teens, would... Read more »