Flossing Daily

One of the most dreaded questions we ask our patients is if they are flossing regularly. Some patients tell us that they occasionally floss, or they floss when they can, but the best thing you can do to support your oral health is flossing every day as part of your... Read more »

Showdown at the Dental Corral

When you think of the old west, you probably think of saloon, gunfights, cattle rustling and sheriffs. You probably don’t think of dentists. But have you ever heard of Doc Holliday? He was a gunfighter, and became famous for his involvement in the shootout at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone,... Read more »

Oral Health Surprises: Hazards in Your Diet

To lower your risk of several food hazards that can often damage your smile, have a prevention plan in place to eliminate unhealthy habits, fix a poor diet, and eradicate any unhealthy choices that you make. Oftentimes, damage to your teeth and gums is done by your diet. For this... Read more »

Dental Upgrades: Oral Emergency Care

Accidents can happen in several different ways, but not matter how they happen, you should always have an effective treatment plan in place should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. Your treatment plan could include helping to treat any oral accidents and injuries before receiving the professional care... Read more »

Water Flossers are a Popular Flossing Tool

Did you know, water flossers have become a popular dental tool? Yes, it’s true! Water flossers have changed the way many people floss their teeth each day. The reason is because of the many benefits water flossers have to offer. Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim with Ballston Dental Arts in... Read more »

How Do I Take Care of My Smile During Cancer Treatment?

If you want a strong and healthy smile during cancer treatments, then you need to take good care of teeth and gums everyday to ensure their health and strength. Unfortunately, there are many side effects of cancer treatments that affect the smile. Those side effects include dry mouth, cavities, mouth... Read more »

Want a Beautiful Smile for Valentine’s Day? Here’s What to Do

If you want a stunning smile for Valentine’s Day, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. Duke Kim, is happy to help you achieve the goals you desire. Fortunately, he offers many cosmetic dental treatments that can turn your unattractive teeth and gums into a smile... Read more »

Tips for Dental Trauma First-Aid

Significant dental trauma, whether from a sports injury or household accident, can impact the mouth and cause significant pain, bleeding, and other complications. In a scenario such as this, you will likely need to apply some basic oral first-aid while seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Duke Kim.... Read more »

Chewing Gum for a Healthy Smile in 2018

You brush twice a day and floss once a day. What else can you do to take care of your smile? Chew gum! Sugarless gum, that is. But how does this help your smile? To understand how chewing gum can help, we must understand some basic things about the mouth... Read more »

A Basic Dental Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Minor Dental Fracture

Your teeth are intended to have the durability to handle chewing common foods. Yet as hard as your teeth are, there are still times when tooth enamel can be chipped or fractured. Minor dental fractures are sometimes associated with a bad oral habit, such as using your teeth as improvised... Read more »